Canadian Valley Electric has eight board members who act as trustees for the cooperative corporation. Trustees are required to be CVEC members receiving electric utility service from the cooperative within the district they are elected to represent. Trustees are elected for three-year terms by and from the members in the respective district. District boundaries are reviewed consistently, per the CVEC bylaws, to ensure equal representation. Each member has one vote in the election of trustees and all other matters brought before the membership. The trustees meet monthly to oversee the operations of the cooperative utility and set goals, policies and procedures to ensure that the cooperative is operated using sound business practices for the benefit of its consumers/owners. The operating and capital budgets of the cooperative are approved annually by the board of trustees. The general manager (CEO) is responsible for operating the cooperative within the guidelines and budget authorizations set by the board of trustees.

Steve Marak

District 1 – Steve Marak - Assistant Secretary-Treasurer

Steve and his wife Robbie reside near the Meeker area where he and his family are active in the dairy cattle and milk production business. Steve has served on the board since 1992 and is currently our representative to the Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives.

Robert Schoenecke

District 2 – Robert Schoenecke – Vice President

Robert and his wife Kathryn live in the rural Meeker area. He has lived in CVEC territory all of his life and been a member of the Cooperative for 45 years and joined the board of trustees in 2004. He is retired from the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, produced pecans commercially for 10 years, and is currently a rural mail carrier for the USPS in Meeker, OK.

Gary Crain

District 3 – Gary Crain

Gary and his wife Barbara live west of Prague, OK where he currently operates a commercial hay business. He has served the membership of District 3 on the board of trustees since 1998 where he also currently serves as the board representative to our G&T – Western Farmers Electric Cooperative. Gary has served in many capacities in his community and is currently the President of the Gordon Cooper Technology Center School Board and a deacon at First Baptist Church of Prague.

Clayton Eads

District 4 – Clayton Eads

Clayton currently resides in the South Rock Creek area with his wife Judy. They have two daughters who live in the SRC area as well with their families. He has served on the board since 1978 and is currently a home builder and real estate investor. Clayton also enjoys and has interest in farming and ranching.  

Matt Goodson

District 5 – Matt Goodson – Secretary-Treasurer

Matt and his wife Rita reside near the Tecumseh area and have two sons and one granddaughter. He has served on the board of trustees since 1997. He recently retired as General Manager of Circuit Engineering District 4. Goodson enjoys travel, gardening, and building things.

Joe Semtner

District 6 – Joe Semtner – President

Joe and his wife Sharon own a small cow-calf ranch in southern CVEC country. Joe has served on the board since 2006 and lived on CVEC lines all of his life. They have raised three children and currently have four grandchildren. He is a graduate of Oklahoma State University and is in the retail insurance business.

Doc Duvall

District 7 – J.P. Duvall

J.P. has served on the board of trustees since 1976. Better known as “Doc”, Duvall resides North of Seminole where he also serves on the school board at Varnum Public Schools.

Yates Adcock

District 8 – Yates Adcock

Yates resides near the Dustin, OK area with his wife Nancy. He is heavily involved in Production Agriculture in the surrounding areas of Hughes and Mcintosh counties. Yates has served the members of CVEC on the board since 2001.